Why Playing A Piano Is A Great Hobby

This is an update of the previous post I made about fishing as a hobby. I know this is a blog more about fishing but many of my visitors are asking me if learning the piano is worth the time and effort. What can you achieve by learning to play the piano? Is it a suitable hobby for you?

Guess what? There are various reasons for how it can benefit us from learning to play the piano. I have spent about one hour to come out with 10 reasons why you should start to play the piano.

  1. It gives you happiness. Did you know that research has found that music brings us happiness? It is like our central to our lives. Why not give yourself a chance to learn to play the piano because music can give us an emotional and creative outlet.
  2. Playing the music instrument is such a great source of satisfaction. I know playing the piano is hard as a beginner. However, when you finally managed to play a song at ease, it will provide you a deep sense of satisfaction. It is a great source of pleasure and fulfillment if you ask me.
  3. You can play the piano by yourself. As for other musical instruments such as clarinet and violin which only produce one line. As a result, you will always need an accompaniment. Therefore, playing the piano can be a better option as you can play it solo that provides both melody and harmony.
  4.  It is also possible that you can make coherent sounds by playing the piano. This is because it has ready-made pitches.
  5. You need to be coordinate to play the piano. In general, you have to learn to multi-task. I understand this can be hard but it is really good to develop our mental skills and focus. I realize that after playing the piano for more than 3 months. My mind has become a lot sharper and I can do things more efficiently.
  6. It is proven that both children and grown-ups that are involved in music-related activities are usually happier and more sociable as compared to those who do not.

There are a lot of my friends who wish that they could learn to play the piano. However, they always wonder if they are too old to begin. I understand that it can be puzzling to see many pianists who are so much younger than you. Most of them can play very advanced pieces and it might make you wonder how they can be so good at such a young age. If you are thinking if you are too old to learn to play the piano, the short answer is NO!

I would be lying if I don’t agree that it is going to be easier to learn when we are younger. What you need to understand that when we are older, we usually have a better knowledge of what it takes to get good at something which is through hard work and consistency.

I hope you enjoy my post and you have learn something here. Before I end this post, I would be slightly busy this week because I have just purchased a new piano and it is currently being moved by a professional piano mover in Malaysia.

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