Why Playing A Piano Is A Great Hobby

This is an update of the previous post I made about fishing as a hobby. I know this is a blog more about fishing but many of my visitors are asking me if learning the piano is worth the time and effort. What can you achieve by learning to play the piano? Is it a suitable hobby for you?

Guess what? There are various reasons for how it can benefit us from learning to play the piano. I have spent about one hour to come out with 10 reasons why you should start to play the piano.

  1. It gives you happiness. Did you know that research has found that music brings us happiness? It is like our central to our lives. Why not give yourself a chance to learn to play the piano because music can give us an emotional and creative outlet.
  2. Playing the music instrument is such a great source of satisfaction. I know playing the piano is hard as a beginner. However, when you finally managed to play a song at ease, it will provide you a deep sense of satisfaction. It is a great source of pleasure and fulfillment if you ask me.
  3. You can play the piano by yourself. As for other musical instruments such as clarinet and violin which only produce one line. As a result, you will always need an accompaniment. Therefore, playing the piano can be a better option as you can play it solo that provides both melody and harmony.
  4.  It is also possible that you can make coherent sounds by playing the piano. This is because it has ready-made pitches.
  5. You need to be coordinate to play the piano. In general, you have to learn to multi-task. I understand this can be hard but it is really good to develop our mental skills and focus. I realize that after playing the piano for more than 3 months. My mind has become a lot sharper and I can do things more efficiently.
  6. It is proven that both children and grown-ups that are involved in music-related activities are usually happier and more sociable as compared to those who do not.

There are a lot of my friends who wish that they could learn to play the piano. However, they always wonder if they are too old to begin. I understand that it can be puzzling to see many pianists who are so much younger than you. Most of them can play very advanced pieces and it might make you wonder how they can be so good at such a young age. If you are thinking if you are too old to learn to play the piano, the short answer is NO!

I would be lying if I don’t agree that it is going to be easier to learn when we are younger. What you need to understand that when we are older, we usually have a better knowledge of what it takes to get good at something which is through hard work and consistency.

I hope you enjoy my post and you have learn something here. Before I end this post, I would be slightly busy this week because I have just purchased a new piano and it is currently being moved by a professional piano mover in Malaysia.

Fishing in Alaska As A Hobby -What You Need To Know

There are lots of people who have different type of hobbies such as playing sports, watching TV or surfing the internet, others are going to shopping malls and others likes to dance and enjoy music, and also others are playing their musical equipments. (I do enjoy playing the piano whenever I’m free) . However do you realize that people’s hobby is fishing? you might find it uninteresting however, for them it is the enthusiasm of life, fishing can relax an individual and delight in an enjoyable day. However do you understand that the very best fishing place is at the cool region of Alaska? Many individuals actually do have fun with Alaska fishing. There are many other activities you can do in Alaska but I would say fishing in Alaska is my personal favorite!

fishing in alaska

Perhaps you are troubled why I have actually informed you that Alaska is among the very best fishing sites. Well ill show you why. The deep and also fresh water of Alaska have various sort of species of fishes. Just like salmons, sharks, whale and much more. And not merely that however the fishes in Alaska are truly great to consume since it actually taste great and above all the fishes in Alaska are truly substantial and has an incredible sizes. Some are larger than you are and many fishes are big as one-half of your human body. Simply envision if you capture one.

Alaska fishing can be even carried out by family group trip, or outing with good friends. Comparing the sizes of fishes you have actually captured and delighting in the day with your loved ones or good friends at the fishing boat. Fishing at Alaska can likewise make the bond of your relationship better among you and your friend or family.

If you are among the people who never ever desired fishing and actually disliked it. Simply make an effort to fish at the broad and cold sea of Alaska and in the future you would discover that fishing would truly be your pastime. Fishing at Alaska is likewise among the very best things that can make you unwind and appreciate the fresh air. It is a great location also where you can keep your mind peaceful.Besides that, fishing can even make you forget your issues no matter how huge it is you would truly put your self into a relax mode.

If eating is also your personal favorite pastime then I will also suggest to you that the fishes of Alaska will make your taste take off to the sweet taste and the most scrumptious taste of the Alaskan fishes. It can even be utilized as an excellent meal for your dining establishments you can make huge if you capture lots of fishes in Alaska Im actually sure that great deals of individuals would visit your dining establishment simply to consume a basic fish in Alaska.

So exactly what are you waiting for? If you believe that travel to Alaska to fish is truly for you. Go now and explore the fresh water there and appreciate the remainder of the day at the boat and simply kick back relax and take pleasure in the view.

You might be wondering what I do when I am free. Well, as for now, I just found a new hobby that I truly enjoy besides fishing. It is playing the piano which I found it can relieve stress the same way fishing did for me. I will update you guys about why playing the piano can help reduced stress. Stay Tuned!

How I Seek For Fishing Equipment

fishing shop

There are so many types of fishing equipment to choose from. However,if you want to find the best fishing equipment that is available, regardless if you are a Malaysian fisher or not, it is important to understand what is required. The majority of fishing equipment stores are stocked with quality supplies. For an amateur fisher, you can easily make a fishing pole but do not expect to be able to fish successfully.

Many shops that offer fishing supplies usually have both expensive and also cheap products. You can buy fishing products like rods and reels approximately 34 pounds. Besides that, you would need a rod and reel that allows you to catch different size of fish. You can also purchase spin fishing equipment or fly fishing equipment in sporting goods shops. A person would prefer to opt for a different fishing products for river fishing. This is because river fishing is totally different from sea fishing. At these shops, you can purchase what you need for every type of fishing.

An advice from me when  you are purchasing for fishing equipment is that you need to pay attention the boat you are using and the clothing you are wearing. Why? This is because your trip will be longer than just a few days. You need to make sure that you keep your clothes to the warmest that it can be. You would also need to look at a few different shops to keep the content with the products you buy. Sometimes, you can find great offers for these equipment for freshwater fishing especially if you are purchasing them in bulk. This can save you some money.

It is a good idea to search for a trustworthy shop that has been in the industry for a long time. The reason behind this is that you can get detailed facts from information online. You can visit a shop and see for yourself. You get the option to compare the cost and the product quality and make sure to choose a business that is willing to stand behind their products. Another important factor is the service you received. How did they treat you as a customer? Was the store clean and tidy? These are the factors that most people don’t even consider but it is crucial in the end of the day.

I hope you are able to learn a thing or two from this short post. I know that searching for the right fishing equipment easily especially if you are a beginner. Do check out my previous article on fishing tips.


Fishing Hobby-6 Tips For Beginners

Fishing Hobby

Fishing Hobby Tips For Newbie

When you have actually chosen that you wish to start fishing as one of your leisure activities you have to know the essentials of the sport. You might learn by experimentation, which is one of the most hard method to learn or you might latch on to a knowledgeable angler or work with the services of a trainer to teach you the fundamentals.

1. Purchase seasickness medication

If you prepare to head out to sea with some skilled anglers (it is not recommended to head out by yourself if you are simply setting out in this sport) you need to obtain some sea illness medication to prevent yourself from destroying your fishing experience. Bonnie is a sea illness medication that works well with everybody and is quickly readily available at the regional drug shop. There is absolutely nothing to fret about as even the most experienced anglers take sea illness medication. The very best method is to take one tablet prior to you sleep and one when you wake in the early morning then another when you board the boat.

2. Purchase a reference book

Get yourself some excellent fishing how-to book. Do not go for the special costly ones. There are a great deal of fishing guides at the regional book shop and sorting through the pages will offer you a pretty good concept which ones are better for you. There will be a few things that you will not actually comprehend in the beginning however you need to read it any way. These are actually about safety measure and legitimacy of fishing.

3. Go to a celebration

Reserve yourself onto a fishing party boat. Fishing celebration boats supply anglers with whatever they require for their fishing expedition. These fishing party boats hold from 10 to 15 anglers and offer them with gear including rods, line and also bait. The team helps the anglers with recommendations and fishing methods when you get your very first catch they will likewise assist you get the catch off the hook. If you are an amateur the mates of the boat will quickly find you and stick around near help you whenever you require it and you will not even need to ask. Party bats will be priced at anywhere starting with $25 to $70 for a day and you can keep the fish you capture. This is an excellent method for novices to the sport of fishing.

4. Choose your pier

If you have actually already obtained some fishing skill-sets with your rod and line then the very best choice for you is to obtain yourself a pier to fish from. Numerous coastal locations have a pay-to-fish pier and these are good areas to develop your abilities as an amateur angler. You will discover lots of anglers on the pier prepared to help you in case you have difficulty.

5. Party or pier

Alternate in between party boats and piers as lot of times as you can, this will assist you get the experience you need to draw the sort of fish you are searching for and you get to gain from the other experience outrages too. This is the very best method to discover everything about this interesting sport.

6. The reel offer

You are most likely utilizing the standard reel that many newbies are used to until now. It is time you try out various kinds of reel. Ask around on the pier as well as party boats as well as at the regional sport shop about the many kinds of fishing reel that you might utilize to enhance your fishing abilities.

Exactly what you have to do is to comprehend the mechanics of the reel and involved devices. There is a lot to find out like casting, attaching knots, hooking bait and also a lot more. Most notably you have to understand ways to pick a fishing area. Experienced anglers understand precisely where the fish are biting and the best ways to follow a specific fish they seek. Finding out the environments and feeding routines of a fish is essential and can just have skilled. So find out something every possibility you get and you will quickly be among the professional anglers lurking along the water escapes there